The Girl Without A Tongue

If I could go back and bite my tongue for every word I ever said to hurt you, I’d be the girl without a tongue
Love would lose its voice, become mute.
If I could revisit each moment I longed to be closer and fell a thousand miles down, I’d be caught by that one perfect shot, aimed towards the sky.
If I could rewind time I’d erase all truth, and live with the bliss of lies. Watching you leave the first time, I’d have buried my life in a box made of velvet, where a thousand screams lie silenced.

Come back! Don’t leave…go away, don’t stay!
(the things that I don’t say.)

You wanted me to be still.
You wanted that I was water under a bridge in a Zen garden, instead I was a random wave in a sea swell.

My heart is the sea swell.
You hold the seashell
close to your ear,
can’t you hear..

the things that I don’t say?


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