You with your moonstone mood,

your chameleon heart,

a worn keepsake

from a time when love unlocked the door,

as I have locked you out–yet still

continue to keep you w/in a finger’s reach


You, at the crux of lower medulla,

your kick of solar plexus

a melancholia of sexual appetite,

that oxycotin/oxytocin capsule of my need,

with her moon in Aquarius,

and Scorpio rising


You, who remind me of a walk on the beach,

your hand outreached

with sun-bleached capillaries

that burn me in their venous return


You, who remind me of those we crawl into,

through the loneliness of abalone shells

with their pearl-essence of

punctured palms, torn alabaster


You, the earth bastard with your home-sick ache

traveling through circular nerves,

the cobalt snake of my rami-communicans,

your splanchnic & adrenal pathways

sinking back into the red cerebral sea of me


This is how you occupy me;

at the abandoned

alter of my sacrificial childhood,

a home not meant to be inhabited,

an unmarked grave of forced embraces,

with the thrill of hand on thigh,

swallowing me alive

at the cyclone of the mother eye–

where entering you,

I reclaim myself.


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One response to “Reclamation

  1. Bloody hell! I honestly don’t see why anyone else needs to write. You say what needs to be said. The language you use here is soul piercing. The balance and rhythm you have it so right. I can feel the bitterness and the strength and the reclaim. So powerful and beautiful which is weird as it’s sad and yet, the beauty is all over it. Some gorgeous lines.

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