The Plight Of The Fawn

As the huntress approaches, arrow drawn,

I contemplate my final dawn-

relentless in its fatal beauty,

emitting an erotic melody

utterly captivating to me beyond any

hope to be captured by my small song


The beat of the obsolete moves in me,

quickening it’s pace with no trace

of the star from previous night’s

forlorn intermingle of light,

spilling now into a vision of absolute grace


I surrender now,  listen!

Hear the intent of her hunting heart-

the lub dub thud of terror,

as something in the distance draws near


As it drew near, the realization

seized upon me like a great revelation,

here now I could shoot, and in the killing

become the killed, else I could save

myself, and in so doing, spare the fawn


I ran through the forest with no thought

or desire of ever turning back,

to lose the wolf in my tracks,

when just then I caught sight of it

clutching the terrified fawn by its throat


Her deer eyes glistened like glass

seeming to beseech me-

you sought my body,

as this forest has sought to be one with me

so shall you hunt my spirit


Returning to the site of the ill-fated fawn,

I gathered the remains of her,

creating a pair of deerskin gloves,

which I gave to my love,

she beckoned me to follow her to the forest


We lay on a bed of moss

breathing in the scent of cedar,

she guided me deep inside her

with her hands of velvet leather,

as she let out a howling cry,

which echoed through the wilderness

and high up in the sky.


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